Upwind Consulting offers bespoke consulting on sales planning, training and execution.


Business Analysis

icon-analysis2Business, like almost everything, is fast moving and can often feel ‘out of control’.  It is important to stop, stand back, review and analyse the business at regular stages. Let Upwind Consulting help you look at your business, benchmark and plan realistic future goals.  Use our benchmarking process to frame your future business sales planning, development and execution.

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Sales Development

icon-salesdevIt is often said that sales is both an art and a science. Too often we hear ‘I could not do sales’ or ‘I’m not a sales person’ as if sales, as a business function, is something of a mysterious art to be avoided by ‘Non-Sales’ people.  Sales people come in all forms. The business environment, present and future, requires everyone in an organisation to be sales focused so ‘Sales’ needs to be embraced and enjoyed.

All top sales people understand the sales process and, most importantly, enjoy the process. Breaking the sales process down into its simplest form allows people and organisations understand the challenges. With this understanding brings clarity. With clarity there comes a focus. With a focus brings results.  Results bring enjoyment. Enjoyment brings further success.

At Upwind Consulting we work with you to:

  • understand your business
  • understand your markets
  • identify the challenges to selling more
  • together build a clear and concise message yielding better, more consistent results

There is no single ‘sales formula’ but understanding the process leads to a greater awareness of the challenge. This awareness allows you meet the challenge head on, utilising the best research, skills and techniques to break down and minimise the challenge.

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Strategic Sales Planning

icon-planning‘Sales’ – often historically viewed with suspicion as an independent team of people that follow up ‘leads’, use their ‘sales skills’ to sell the company’s offerings to prospective customer and then quickly move on to the next prospect. This is in order to quickly move to another sale with no real alignment to the company culture or strategic plan.

The link between the Company Strategy, the Marketing Plan and the Sales Team is often misunderstood by all.

A Strategic Sales Plan is required that logically flows from the Marketing Plan which is in turn an expression of the Company’s overall strategy.  The Strategic Sales Plan is agreed with all business units and should be communicated through the organisation.

To define a Strategic Sales Plan, Sales Consultants and management look to align their current sales process with the strategic direction of the organisation. A well-constructed and executed Strategic Sales Plan will greatly improve sales efficiency/effectiveness as well as return on investment in sales resource and ultimately increase profits through greater customer satisfaction resulting in high margin repeat business.

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Current Sales Process Review

icon-analysisThe Sales Process Review looks objectively at the current situation – ‘as is.’ Depending on the client objectives it can include one or more of the following activities:

  1. Assess the strategic sales plan (if one exists)
  2. Evaluate the sales structure and the sales process – identify challenges and rank challenges
  3. Accompany the salesperson on their sales calls. This is to understand the salesperson’s selling environment, their behaviour, competence level and identify potential skills gaps and training needs
  4. Review current sales training program (if one exists)
  5. Observe sales support personnel such as telesales and customer service
  6. Review the business and sales support processes
  7. Review supporting sales technology. On completion, a report is presented with findings and recommendations to senior management. This is a ‘To Be’ report. The client can elect to implement the recommendations themselves or use Upwind Consulting to manage this process.

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Management of the Sales Process

icon-manageToo often the management of the sales team is ad hoc, misaligned, misunderstood or just poorly executed. A top performing team needs a top performing manager. Too many managers end up managing when they do not have the tools, qualifications or skills to do so. A manager can be a full time employee or can operate on and contract basis.

Research shows that Sales managers are often overworked, undertrained and lack the current skill set to effectively manage the sales process. It is shown that the Sales Manager finds this aspect of their position unenjoyable and stressful.

Let Upwind Consulting assist with the sales management process making it more efficient and more enjoyable for your top management personnel.

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Training, Coaching and Mentoring

  1. icon-trainingWhy are some people better at selling than others?
  2. Why do customers buy?
  3. Our sales experience – How is it perceived?
  4. What message do I want to present – Am I doing this?
  5. What relevant value am I presenting?
  6. Price – relevant or not?
  7. Presentation – How do I maximise the verbal and non verbal impact of presenting?
  8. How is it best to review the process?

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Sales Execution

  • icon-executionDo you need someone to pitch for you?
  • Do you know your message but can’t seem to get it out?
  • Do you know your route to market?
  • Do you have a sales team to distribute ?
  • Do you want to launch a new product but don’t have the staff to do it?
  • Do you want to increase your sales but don’t want to increase your workforce?
  • Do you want to try something new but don’t know how?
  • Do you want to grow but don’t know if you should invest the cost?

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  • icon-reviewPlans need to be reviewed
  • The sales strategy and plan has to be measurable
  • The measuring has to be real and unambiguous
  • The plan has to be reviewed, evaluated and refined

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